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              Project Managment  Service

"Tailored Assistance" 

Whether you are leading to changing your career or lifestyle ,you'll learn beneficial and strategic methods to empower yourself

and those around you.

Learn ways how to become success in

this market 


Decide if it's a non profit or for profit

What type of credit score is needed for a business


Setting up the structure of a business, so it can be recognized by a true company

How to get business

and real estate funding

Recording English Class

Become a part millions who have choose to take their business to new heights !  "BUSINESS FUNDING" 

This is possible for you too…

Navigate the process of obtaining business loans and financing through building strong business credit.

Get your dreams
aligned with reality.”

Develop a comprehensive business credit building plan for your businesses, including step-by-step guidance and support.

Community Support

We've helped 100+ business owners just in the last 12 months in many different industries go from barley making it professionals  to

Successful Entrepreneurs!

Offering Workshops
 Training Sessions

For Business Owners 

Providing consulting services to businesses on how to navigate the process of obtaining properties, business loans and financing through building strong business credit.

"Unlocking the Hidden Potential: Empowering Small Businesses with Business Credit"

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Connect with the world around you

Do have a business?
Is your credit score a 680 or higher?


Their Reputation Speaks for Itself

The  collaboration with IntouchMMXX  help solved a challenging situation for me.  They were very  professional  and willing  to help. 

Shanita Flores,

Outstanding Results

The funding not only  helped my  businesses , but exceed my goals. Their experience helped  us lay out a strategy that perfectly fits my needs.

M. Lee, 

The Proof is in the Pudding

Finally a company that actual help me get through the funding process. This was no gimmick . I recieved  my funding the same day.


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